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Michael Kors is pleased to announce, by many Hollywood stars love Michael Kors fashion boutique in New York will be officially sexy wave swept in Taiwan, Lifestyle brand's first boutique in Taichung City on June 9 in Taichung big Far TOP CITY grand opening. The new Michael Kors Lifestyle boutique style inherited Madison Avenue in New York (Madison Avenue) store modern fashion style, with bright metal elements to create an elegant atmosphere in gorgeous full details of informality, the complete show the brand's classic appearance. Invited to the opening day of the event to come as a heavyweight international superstar ling ribbon-cutting ceremony, and Taichung latest fashion fans with feelings of summer exclusively for Michael Kors dynamic fashion charm.

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Already been invited to participate in activities of Michael Kors, spring and summer fashion show from New York to the opening of the flagship store in Shanghai, Lin Chi-ling able to show up every time different style Michael Kors fashion show beyond perfect dress star style, becoming the spotlight the focus of attention, but also to the goddess of the unique ling for Michael Kors fashion charm more fond of. Today, Lin Chi-ling and then as far as Michael Kors hundred stores in Taichung big opening event guests, it is put on a seat early autumn clothing latest elegant and charming appearance, different from the previous show retro classic feminine, with the Chairman of Greater China, and Michael Kors Lida Kang, CEO and general manager of Miss Xu Xuefang Far East department Store in Taichung with its first brand ribbon to celebrate the official opening of Lifestyle stores.
Michael Kors hearts full compliance with the perfect image of women in modern fashion ling, either as a professional model or actor, excel in multiple areas of performance are stunning, but behind all the time to be showing a "perfect" goddess pose, to pay the effort is not easy, but how to create a comfortable relaxed and comfortable for her beautiful image, Lin Chi-ling said she was particularly appreciative of Michael Kors for women combine to create a vibrant, sexy and confident all-round fashion attitude, especially the leading brand of "Jet Set" concept to casual luxury style will allow women to easily mix and create arbitrary fashion modeling, being able to satisfy her need for work also often flying shuttle between different countries and cities, just follow the "Jet Set" Life Style of the build fashion shortcuts, alternate under various occasions can be the most elegant and fashionable gesture appeared, as if everyday life turned into fashion catwalk show first supermodel irreplaceable confident style anywhere.
Luxury leisure wind swept in Taiwan interpretation of the latest "Jet Set" fashion concept
In the rapid development of modern society, more and more the importance of time is unparalleled mastery, a new era of women is also becoming more confident and independent, and therefore have more expectations in the clothing requirements, "Jet Set" design concept in response to the rapid development that holds many lessons for technology and transportation, so that a new era of independent women have encountered all the time can have a perfect state, wherever you can show a chic and confident appearance.
Day of performances by the Kaiwo supermodel who sets to "Jet Set" to create the spirit of summer 2014 series three kinds Looks: slim loose knit shirt with a printed version of the type of bright yellow shorts, bright eye-catching color combinations create hit strong personality travelers; Posey Bohemian style print dress, with navy blue striped bag models accessories, flowing like a sea breeze of summer beach style; neat tailoring and large dot print dress, matching high-heeled sandals and classic bag models of Rome, a classic brand modern appearance , a variety of charm to convey the theme of the summer vacation series design of the spindle, bohemian and tribal fusion style. Michael Kors has always been inherited neat tailoring, combined with bright geometric patterns in the use of contrasting colors, Youyi light through the material with a Xu Xu summer atmosphere for the summer series dynamic and straightforward, as if to feel immersive Michael Kors Jet Set created by fashion attitude.